If Your Guy Follows all of The Signs Mentioned Below Then Never Let Go of Him, he’s a Keeper

1. They’re committed to you and to the relationship. When things go bad, that’s when you realise what type of person you’re in a relationship with. Every relationship has problems but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is over. If a guy stays and works through everything with you to make sure that everything goes back to normal, then he is committed to you and wants to make sure everything works out between the two of you. Anyone can bail when the going gets tough but it takes a real man to stay and work through everything.


He talks to you about everything.
Communication is key in order to make any relationship work and for it to be a successful one. A sincere guy won’t bottle up his feelings or concerns because that will lead to him eventually exploding. If you can say it without a doubt in your mind that you know everything there is to know about him and know what can predict which situations make him react in what way then you should tick this box. Talking about problems and concerns will allow the relationship to go further instead, by keeping it all to him; he’s only contributing to an untimely breakup.
Sometimes, in the latter hours of the night, he will be lying on the couch alongside you and all those memories will start to crowd his mind. All those cracks in his life will start to open up and he will be happy that he has you alongside him to fill all those bullet holes. He wouldn’t hesitate to tell you about a childhood tragedy or an adventure somewhere in Paris or about romantic relationships of the past. He will even carry candor too far sometimes because he know that he can trust you with everything and he doesn’t want anything to be concealed from you. He truly adores you. You are his confidant, his eyes in the dark and his everything.
Everyone has a dark side and we all have secrets which are not easy to share with everyone. At times, there is only one person in the entire world who really listens to you and tries to provide a solution to your problems. You’re in some way his confidant. He tries his best to not be judgmental about anything you’ve gone though in your life. If you open up to him, you’ll never regret it because he’ll always be supportive. Well, if you’re not selling Methamphetamine on the sidelines, that is. (You get the reference)

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